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Bhoomi Devi Betzen

I am Bhoomi Devi. Thanks be to my gurus sivananda and vishnudevanada. I have been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching for 12. My roots are grounded in hatha yoga. I started my practice with beryl bender birch at 15 years old. Feeling the effects that yoga had on my body and mind, I began to develop a sense of spiriuality. I moved to the sivananda yoga vedanta center ashram in my early twenties and earned my teaching certificate. The ashrams's full submersion into yoga life gave me a strong foundation to build upon. I incorporate bioenergetic analysis and emphasis on the breathe into my classes to transform patterns of the mind and release the body of its blockages. Experienced in many forms of yoga including asana, kriyas, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and kirtan(chanting). "Bringing balance to the masculine and feminine sides of the self allows the light to strengthen through the center of our being from the ground up to the top of our heads, thus opening and illuminating the heart so we may navigate its depths". -Bhoomi Devi