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Kriya Workshop

Saucha refers to “purity of body” and encourages “purity of mind”. The ancient Yogis developed the six cleansing techniques (Kriyas) for “purification” of the physical body. Through these simple daily practices, nature is assisted in the elimination of waste.

1. Nasal Cleansing (neti)

2. Stomach Cleansing (dhauti)

3. Intestinal Cleansing (basti)

4. Abdominal Churning (nauli)

5. Respiratory System Cleansing (kapalabhati)

6. Steady Gazing (trataka)

Join us for spring cleansing yogi style! 

April 6th 10:30-11:30 &

May 4th 10:30-11:30

$15 per class (this price includes all materials needed).

Earlier Event: April 26
Later Event: June 1
Kundalini Yoga