Emily Thevenin

Sex Educator, Integrated Sex & Relationship Advisor

BS Psychology, Certified Yoni Steam, Mindfulness, and EFT Practitioner

I’ve studied sexuality and mindfulness for 20 years. I’m currently working on my AASECT certification, which is the gold standard for sexuality educators, counselors and therapists. I help clients love their bodies, embrace their desires and have more passionate relationships. My goal is to help write a more sex positive story in our culture. I’m a safe space for people of all races, religions, gender identities, and sexual orientations. I offer a wholistic approach that includes private sessions, retreats, and workshops where women can connect, create, release sexual shame and cultivate their desires. Through connection we can unwind old conditioned emotional patterns, through mindfulness we tap into our intuition, and through education we're empowered. When we use ancient and modern wisdom together, we're informed and enlightened. My clients report that they quickly see changes in the way they experience pleasure and how they relate to their bodies and their desires.

You can schedule a session or register for a workshop at calendly.com/honeyrosehaven

For more info visit www.honeyrosehaven.org, follow @honeyrosehaven or email honeyrosehaven@gmail.com