Luke Matsuda


Luke Matsuda L.Ac., known as Tera(Tayra) to friends, was born in Price and raised in Helper, Utah as well as Longmont, Colorado. Tera has deeply cared about people for as long as he can remember and has always sought out ways to serve them.

He began studying and practicing yoga twenty three ago years ago which lead him to an ashram in New Mexico. It was there that his chronic back pain was healed through acupuncture. After that profound experience he felt it was his calling to become a practitioner of Oriental Medicine.

Being deeply connected to his roots, this path was very fitting for him.  After all, his family had been using aspects of oriental medicine at home in Carbon County for four generations!

Tera, decided to first become a certified Kundalini yoga teacher, where he studied, traveled, and volunteered in India for four months.  Then he continued his education receiving an Associate Degree from USU- Eastern.  After that he moved back to New Mexico for three more years of education and clinical practice to become a licensed acupuncturist.

He has a worked as a surgical technician at Castleview Hospital, as a wilderness field guide for an adult drug rehabilitation program, and as a Yoga teacher at USU-Eastern.

Tera, graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he earned a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine. Tera has been practicing Oriental Medicine for four years now in Price, UT where he has over 1,200 people set up as patients.  He maintains one of the largest Chinese herb pharmacies in the state.  In the last two years alone he has provided over 3,200 acupuncture treatments and filled over 1,500 herbal prescriptions.  

Tera is very excited to start serving the Utah Valley practicing Oriental Medicine and teaching Qi Gong!  

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