Misty McGinnis

Licensed Massage Therapist ~ Licensed Cosmetologist

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A Life of Healing

            At 17 years Old, I broke every bone in my face from a car accident. In addition to the trauma I experienced I suffered from chronic migraine headaches and began a long journey of recovery. My dream was to find healing through natural treatments rather than through medications. The first step in the journey was with massage. Within three months of my first professional massage, saw drastic changes in my migraine frequency and intensity. I knew then massage would always be a part of my life and began massage therapy school.

            My dedication to natural remedies for ailments and chronic pain led me to Herbs, essential oils, diet, acupuncture and many more natural healing practices. I have been managing my migraine pain with these natural remedies and modalities ever since.


Certifications:                                                               Licensed Massage Therapist (Utah Dopl) Licensed Cosmetologist (Utah Dopl)

Other Training:                                                 Acupressure, Basic knowledge TCM           Shiatsu                                                                           Cranial Sacral therapy                                          Family Herbalist (Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing                                                 Essential Oils





            For over 10 years, I have been continually educating myself and practicing many forms of natural healing and healthy living. My interests include: massage, acupuncture, acupressure, yoga, herbalism, cleanses, nutrition and healthy eating. My formal education began in 2000 when I attended massage therapy school at Utah College of Massage Therapy (Lindon, Utah). I finished my licensing in 2001 and began my career in Vail, Colorado working in high end spas and with chiropractors.



I specialize in relaxation and pain control for both chronic and acute pain as well as for anxiety and stress sufferers. People with various types of discomfort come to me weekly, biweekly, and monthly to relieve pain. I offer massages ranging from deep tissue and trigger point to relaxation and energy work. I cater to your pain, tension, and special needs for pain management.


Knowing Me

            In the fourteen years I’ve been learning, teaching, and practicing massage and body work, I have found many people who benefit greatly from massage, herbs, acupuncture, yoga and other non-traditional Western medicine and treatments. Whether I’ve met people through spas and chiropractors or through salons and health food & supplement stores, there are always options for those of us living in chronic pain and with stress and anxiety.


Natural Wellness is my passion! My goal as a Natural Healer and Body Worker is to spread the wellness to all I can reach!    




You can set up an appointment with Misty at 801-369-3776