Rev. Nitya Eby

Nitya has spent over 15 years practicing & teaching both Yoga & Ayurveda. Her yoga training is a 1,000 hour certification in the Iyengar tradition & she is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist through the California College of Ayurveda. Nitya is also an ordained Interfaith & Interspiritual Minister out of One Spirit Interfaith of NY, NY, & finally, she is a certified Reiki Master.

Her passions are yoga, holistic living, spiritual & personal development, ALL of the Arts, playing guitar, & organic gardening. 

She has raised 3 amazing daughters as a single mother & is currently “mothering” another few angels as well. 

Nitya is once again facilitating Sacred Circle at the Center, this time focusing on supporting a growing community of women who are making self-care a priority in their life. The focus of this particular group is to create a safe space to support the sacred work of empowering women - Body, Mind & Soul. 

PLEASE NOTE: Looking forward to the Fall when Nitya will also be offering a weekly class on Yoga Foundations & a monthly Ayurveda workshop too!