Sariah Price

Sariah is a certified doula of six years, a certified Cuarantena and Soul Retrieval practitioner of three years, as well as an herbalist, henna artist, and a certified belly binder in both faja and benkgung binds. She is a doula trainer for Utah Doulas & Co and works on the board of several non-profit organizations.

She loves serving her community, helping people to have the tools they need to thrive in whatever stage of life they are in. She provides a safe, nurturing space for her sessions, which include:

  • Soul Retrieval - $75: As you pass through life, you bump into things, get bruised and scratched. Our souls do the same thing. Sometimes through our lived experiences, pieces of our soul get knocked off or left behind. Soul retrieval is a good way to process loss or trauma and gently put things back together so that you can go forward in life more whole. Each session includes a guided meditation, a hand and foot rub, rebozo alignment and binding, and a personal tea blend.

  • Postpartum Cuarentena Care - $500: Cuarentena is the traditional Mexican care given to women during their first 40 days postpartum. This includes one 2-3 hour visit, once a week for 5 weeks. Each visit consists of and herbal bath, a belly rub with a warming belly salve, a rebozo adjustment and binding, postpartum tea made from traditional herbs, a nourishing meal and time to process the changes you have recently experienced.

  • Birth Doula - $750: As a doula I offer physical, emotional and spiritual support to women and their families, before, during and after pregnancy. This package includes, two prenatal visits, continual physical/emotional/spiritual support from early labor or when called through a couple of hours postpartum, your own rebozo and two postpartum visits.

  • Belly Binding - Faja $50/ Bengkung $75: The faja belly bind is traditional to Mexico, Central and South America and is 4.5 yards of fabric which is used to wrap and support the belly and hips post delivery. The bengkung belly bind is traditional to Thailand and is 15 yards of fabric used to wrap and support the belly and hips post delivery. This package includes the bind of your choice and a half hour lesson on how to use your bind.

  • Henna Art - $25 Arm/Hand/Foot, $50 for a Mama Belly, $100 for a Party (1 Mama & 1 sm henna per guest): I have been doing henna for 4 years and I make my own fresh batch of henna for each client.

  • Child Birth Education Classes (6) - $300: These classes are private and customized to help you be fully prepared to welcome a new member into your family. We will meet 1 hour weekly for 6 weeks either in your home or at my office in Springville.

  • Mother's Blessing or Women's Circle $200: a celebration to honor YOU and the stage of life you are in right now. Be supported by the women in your life through ceremony. Be crowned, and blessed, participate in a salt bowl ceremony and be bound together in sisterhood. Light refreshments of your choice included.

For more information please contact Sariah Price either by phone: 801-885-4623, email: or through Facebook: