Tara Tulley


I specialize in EMDR, Pregnancy/Postpartum Support, and Specialized Psychotherapy for:

·         PTSD

·         Complex Trauma

·         Dissociative Disorders

·         Personality Disorders

·         Pregnancy and Postpartum Issues

·         Traumatic Childbirth

·         Sexual Abuse

·         Addiction

·         Eating Disorders

·         Anxiety

·         Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

·         DBT

I also offer individual, couples, and family counseling, group therapy, and support groups.

In addition to the above, it is my joy to facilitate a FREE “Community Curb” support group on Thursday evenings, 6:30-9pm. We spin, share, and support in a community setting.

For more details, please email me at: taratulleylcsw@gmail.com