Welcome to Christopher's Yoga Studio! 

Yoga Classes at the Center is now powered by Glofox.

Glofox is the new App The Center is using to make it easier for students to check our schedule, sign in for classes and make their membership payments. For The Center, this App helps with a better management of our studio, so we can serve you more efficiently. It's a win-win!
It's really easy to get started.
1- On your smart phone, go to Google App or Apple App Store, and download Glofox. 


 2- Your Club is "The Center at Christopher's"
3- Follow the prompts on the screen to create your account under "Register." 
4- Once you're in, choose the membership you desire to acquire. Note that the monthly membership price for The Center changed, there's a discount if you use the wonderful automatic renewal feature. Moreover, you can pay for classes on the app... just use your credit card. It couldn't be easier! There's no contract as always, so you can change the membership you acquired, or simply stop your payments if you decide to not attend classes anymore. And... there's the cash option as well, so if you drop in and pay as you go, that remains available.
5- Remember to sign in as you come to class! If you forget though, no worries, your instructor can help you on the spot. Just make sure you have your account open on Glofox.

If you have questions or need help setting up on Glofox, talk to us! We can help you.
Thank you all for helping us during this transition into Glofox... we hope to be able to make your experience at The Center better and better.

Yoga Pricing 

 Drop in per class $10

First Month Unlimited Pass $45

Unlimited Monthly AutoPay $55

Unlimited Monthly Pass $65

Four Month Unlimited Pass $222 ($55 per month)

If you are new to the studio here are some simple instructions to make your first visit more comfortable:

The studio can be accessed through the back door of the Herb Shop for classes held before and after the shop hours. The door is located inside the garden. The gate will appear locked but you simply lift the handle. The door also has a sign that reads employees only. Please come on in. There is a staircase immediately to your left that leads you to the studio. 

Fill out a new student disclosure paper and leave it on the desk. 

E-mail me directly with any questions, concerns or comments. 

Bobbie Henderson @ herbshopmanager@gmail.com

We are grateful to have you part of the Center community.